Hari Dharan

Professor Emeritus, Mechanical Engineerin
Keywords: materials
Research Areas: skeletal function, composite materials structures, mechanical behavior, manufacturing processe
Website: http://www.me.berkeley.edu/faculty/dharan/

Research Description:

Composite materials and structures, mechanical behavior and manufacturing processes.
Current research projects include: Hysteresis Based Fatigue Damage Parameter, Entropy Project. The following are some of the past BCL research projects: THEMIS magnetometer boom design, Polypropylene Composites, HESSI repair, Fracture in Bone under Longitudinal Cyclic, Compressive Loading by Jun-Hyuk Choi, Development of Theoretical Model of Cortical bone and consideration of load distribution due to fluid effects by Jun-Hyuk Choi, Compressive Behavior of Composite Laminates by Chun-Liang Lin, Durability of Marine Composites by Paul H. Miller, Design of Composite Flywheel Rotors by Mickey Reilley, Design of a Carbon Fiber/Epoxy Spring for Use in a Prosthetic Knee Replacement by Mickey Reilley, Application of Composite Materials to Furniture Design and Manufacturing by Billy Chih-heng Tai, Design of a Space-based Reconfigurable Antenna Reflector by Tien Fak Tan, Intelligent Control of Machining of Composite Materials by Myong-Shik Won, Motoyoshi Ozaki, Ye Sheng, Optimal Design and Analysis of Adaptive Spacecraft Structures by Myong-Shik Won, The Design of a Mobile 2 Axis Inertial Guidance Tracking System by Benjamin T Yang.

Selected Publications:

  • Choi, Jun H., and C. K. H. Dharan, “Tangential Stress in Cortical Bone Subjected to Axial
    Dynamic Loading”, Advances in Bioengineering: Proceeding from the American Society of
    Mechanical Engineers Meeting.
    51: 1-3. 2001.
  • Dharan, C. K. H., and C. L. Lin, “Longitudinal Compressive Strength of Continuous Fiber
    Composites “, J. Composite Materials, Vol. 41, No. 11, June 2007, pp. 1389-1405.
  • Dharan, C. K. H., and T. F. Tan, A Hysteresis-Based Damage Parameter for Notched Composite Laminates Subjected to Cyclic Loading, J. Materials Science, Vol. 42, No. 6, June 2007, pp. 2204-2207.
  • Tan, T. F., K. Weber and C. K. H. Dharan, “Failure Analysis of Thermal Actuators, Comb Drives, and other Micromechanical Elements”, J. Failure Analysis and Prevention, Vol. 7, Issue 2, April 2007, pp. 137-143.
  • Dharan, C. K. H., and J. Bauman, “Composite Disk Springs”, Composites: Part A, Vol. 38, 2007, pp. 2511-2516.
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