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  • CiBER-IGERT Seminar Series: Russ Tedrake presents “Feedback Motion Planning with Sum-of-Squares Verification (w/ applications to Walking Robots and Robotic Birds)?” Wednesday, Nov. 10, 2010
  • Professor Robert Full Briefs Capitol Hill on Undergraduate Research and American Innovation. Click here to read the press release.
  • Spring and Fall 2010 CiBER-IGERT Trainees Announced!
  • Marc Badger, Integrative Biology
    Margaret Byron, Mechanical Engineering
    Evan Chang-Siu, Mechanical Engineering
    Dennis Evangelista, Integrative Biology
    Woody Hoburg, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    Cherub Kim, Mechanical Engineering
    Erica Kim, Biophysics Graduate Group
    Michael McKinley, Mechanical Engineering
    Jean-Michel Mongeau, Biophysics Graduate Group
    Carlos Oroza, Civil Engineering
    Elias Patten, Mechanical Engineering
    Victor Shia, Electrical Engineering and Computer Science
    Ian Tse, Civil Engineering
    Lindsay Waldrop, Integrative Biology

  • CiBER-IGERT Announced!
  • Pilot research-based teaching laboratory for CiBER-IGERT


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